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Your trusted technology partner

We are the right choice for your business if you are developing a product,
establishing a nearshore capability or improving your process.
We have a great team, a lot of experience and we are good at getting things done.


We deliver fantastic products for your business. We are comfortable with your preferred process and technology. We offer time&material or fixed price engagement options.


We set up nearshore development teams for our clients in one of the best technology locations in the EU. Poland has good availability of top IT talent at a much lower cost.


We can help you transform your organisation by introducing agile, product management, user experience, quality assurance, continuous delivery, devops and service delivery.



We provide high-quality development services at a reasonable price.

We understand how important your product vision is. When we work with you, we don’t consider ourselves to be just a supplier. We want to become part of your team and have good understanding of your requirements and expectations. We are very passionate about our work and when we’re involved in a project, we put all our heart and skill into it.


We recommend this unique service to clients who want to establish a long-term relationship and build their own development capability with our help.

Poland is one of the best locations if you want to establish a nearshore development team. It offers good availability of top IT talent and competitive pricing. Flights are cheap. Communication skills, English, culture and the time zone make it very easy for the team to closely integrate with your organisation. We have been building successful development teams in Poland for years and we would be happy to do the same for you.

  1. Initiate

    We set up an independent legal entity, take care of the office space, infrastructure, process, communication, recruitment, admin, accounting and legal services. We seed the company with our core team.

  2. Integrate

    We work on your projects and deliver value for your business. The team grows organically as and when needed. We use our personal contacts to get the best people. The team integrates with your organisation.

  3. Incorporate

    At some point, you may decide to incorporate the company into your organisation. We will sort out non-poaching, NDA, IP protection, company transformation and anything else needed for you to take the ownership.


We can help you to continuously improve

We believe that the best process is the one that produces the best results. Standardisation is very important but so is common sense. It's all about creating an environment in which Business, IT and Investors work together and feel comfortable talking to each other. Product delivery is not just development. User experience, quality assurance, release strategy, support, user feedback and stakeholder management are crucial. Luckily, great tools and automation can make the process seamless and help the team deliver to its true potential.

Our Team

Bartosz Krol

We believe that business relationships are primarily built on trust. We would like you to get to know us and feel comfortable before you commit to working with us. Please try us out. We will gladly work on a proof of concept for you to prove that we can add value. Once we learn about your vision, we would love to become your technology partner and work out the engagement model, the process and the technology stack that works best for you.

Paul Stockton

We are very proud of our ability to build great teams. Over the years, we have been working with many wonderful people. Every person is unique. We all have different skills, experience and personal style. When we work together and unite under a common vision, we can achieve anything. Our contact list is full of extraordinary people with diverse skillsets. We would be more than happy to build a cross-functional team of professionals who will deliver your product.

Tomasz Ciejka

We are engineers at heart and we are very passionate about the technology. However, we do realize that the objective is always to deliver the product and that every technology must serve a purpose. We love to stay up to date with the latest solutions but we also appreciate proved and tested frameworks and tools that we know inside out. We can help you choose the right technology stack for your product considering the architecture, scalability, security, interoperability and other factors.