Our Team

Bartosz Krol

When I was in college, instead of getting a typical summer job like my friends, I was distributing my own flyers all over the town. That's how I got my first job in IT. I had very little experience but I was able to make a decent contribution to the design and the implementation of a core product for Europacom.net. I have learned that anything is possible if you try hard enough. It has been helping me a lot throughout my career.

Paul Stockton

Tomasz Ciejka

Adam Kochanowski

Every great achievement starts from a brave idea. Whether it is becoming a "go-to" supplier for Barclays or erasing Europe's borders for the first ever Pan-European banking platform. I may have not invented the next big thing myself yet. I am still proud though that I have played a significant role in the design and development of several front-end solutions that have enabled great leaders to make their vision a reality.

Katarzyna Zamaria

If I wanted to describe myself in one word, I would say that I am curious. Curiosity is what drives me to continuously learn and solve problems at work and in life. However, the best motivation for me is the success of the project that I am responsible for. The combination of these two characteristics is the key for me to be able to deliver innovative solutions that make users happy.

Maciej Dzwonnik

I like challenges and building things no one did before. I like to analyse the problem, understand the requirements and then come up with the best possible solution given the circumstances.

Jadwiga Sierocinska

I have always loved to create. When I was a child, I haven’t played with dolls much. I preferred to build doll houses. Art was my natural course of study. It developed my professional skills but also receptivity, sensitivity and empathy. User Experience and Graphic Design are my favorite forms of art because I can produce tangible results that make a real difference for the business.

Kamil Kosiec

Software development has always been my passion. Ever since I got my first computer, I have preferred to write programs rather than play games. I have started my programming career when I was still in college. I feel very lucky to be able to say that I truly love my job.

Anna Janiszewska

Piotr Materak

I always put all my heart in what I do and I am not afraid of any task. I have experience in building user interfaces, developing services and programming databases. I have a strong opinion that the product and business value should always come first. In other words, the purpose of the technology is the serve the business and not the other way around.

Grzegorz Jachimko

I have always been passionate about the technology. Since high school, I knew that IT is the right choice for me. I have started my first hands-on IT job during my 3rd year of college. When most of my colleagues were enjoying summer, I was programming RISC platforms.

Piotr Szuszkiewicz

When I was a kid, the computer was my gateway to a world full of possibilities where everything was within reach. Rewriting the DOS graphical file manager based on an article in a computer magazine in late 90's was a life changing event for me. Work is my way of making an impact on the world and making it a better place for my daughter.

Bartlomiej Dyrala

Kids often want to be a policeman, a firefighter or a doctor. Ever since I was a little kid, I was interested in electronics. I was very happy when I got my first computer. My friends were playing games but I was more interested in software. I have decided to become a software developer because I wanted my passion to be my job.

Marcin Kabza

I can still remember my first computer. I was 10 years old when I have realised that I want to be involved with computers when I grow up. I was learning programming and developing proof of concept projects on my own. On my first day of college, I was already way ahead of my colleagues. I have started my professional career when I was 18. There is nothing more exciting to me than building software that solves real business problems.

Piotr Stus

I was always very ambitious and wanted to achieve more than my colleagues. I got involved in the academic .NET community sponsored by Microsoft. After just a few months, I was offered the leadership position. It was challenging to share the time between the college, work and community involvement but I have looked at the bright side. I have learned to organise my time and prioritise tasks which I find very useful in my professional career.